jw with gauges

See, Pilgrim, there's no Freon in this System

gwb discusses ac

Dubya disscusses the finer points of the XE 1200

jw on ac

jw haggling

Salesman: Mister, do you want an air conditioner for your wagon? It's very cheap!

John: What?? That'll never work, for a 10ft by 6ft wagon we'll need at least 1000 BTUs, and that's only 500. What sort of greenhorn do you take me for? Correct unit capacity is critical to optimum efficiency. Under-sizing leads to poor operating efficiency. An undersized unit will operate longer and may not have the capacity to adequately cool the wagon to the desired temperature and may not dehumidify the wagon properly. Go get another one, amigo!


...and the superheated vapor enters the suction side of the compressor. When measuring vapor line superheat, I use a direct contact digital thermometer, like my favorite little Fluke here. It's much more accurate than the infrared type Cody likes to use, but you know how kids are. So that's all for AC troubleshooting, next on the show...Beanie Babies!!

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